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Loosely based on Peter Watts' novel, “Echopraxia” (2014)

Pisces-Cetus Galaxy Wall
Virgo Cluster of Laniakea
Local Group then Milkу Way
Orion Arm you're almost here

Prehistoric posthuman and the bunch of absent persons clash
With the hive of carcinomas in trance obsessed with hand hygiene
Everything goes according to the plan relax pill-popper
Everything goes without saying
Ready steady get in

Local Interstellar Cloud
The bubble that kisses Bubble One
Take a closer look at the dwarfs
One of the yellow is our Sun

Posthumans fail and the greatest secret is in the dirty mandibles
Of pathetic helpless but enduring roach piece of the obsolith
Everything goes according to the plan take it easy baseline
Everything goes without saying
Ready steady take it

Daring Ikarus hovers there
Snuggle right beside it and dwell
Save your strength for oncoming meet
According to the intelligent plan

All-pervading mimetic glacier
Portia the mold
Overthinking overwhelming
Portia the god

Dive like
Dive with
Rise from
Rise like
The ashes

Portia the mold
Portia the god


from Obsolith EP, released March 14, 2017




Obsolith Moscow, Russia

Dismal lyrics vs robust and brisk music, circumstoner sound vs spirit of nu-alternative scene, eclecticism vs conceptualism, ambience vs rush... The work of Obsolith is developed by the conflict of these opposites. And the band is beyond power to refuse even one of them. More like guys would add some fresh ones! ... more

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