New Tongue

from by Obsolith

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Based on the song by “Underthals” (

New tongue's
Grown through my gullet and lungs
The spiny stem he's so fiery and so young
One more
Friend to help us in our war
To wedge in people's minds to make them to abhor
Their glazed
Ignorance and indifference
And aspiration for private happiness
Such a haste
Yet before he has to taste
The icy scab and burning salt from the ax

[New tongue's]
Grown through my gullet and lungs
He's full of hopes dramatically bright and strung
His thirst
Is unquenchable he wills to burst
Slop of our life darkness of our time but first
I'm sure
He has to lick our own gore
From the walls of prison cell and from the door and from the floor
Such a fate
Yet it's very hard to get
Thirst may turn into despair or stupid hate

New tongue's
Grown through my gullet and lungs
The flaming list of what is to be done
His game
Is clear but totally insane
Deep inside he's aware he was born in vain
The darkness
Devours every spark
In its deafening slush no one gives a hark
That's a fate
Yet it takes time to fade
We'll make the best of a bad job while we wait
For this

We will never come
To those promised sparkling days
Maybe somday newborn tongue
Will make an ode to you

New tongue
New tongue
So young

Power is disgusting
Just like barber's hands
From the force of the habit
We wake and strive
The slush overgrows and thickens
And there's nothing left
For us but to accrete
And co-ossify


from Obsolith EP, released March 14, 2017




Obsolith Moscow, Russia

Dismal lyrics vs robust and brisk music, circumstoner sound vs spirit of nu-alternative scene, eclecticism vs conceptualism, ambience vs rush... The work of Obsolith is developed by the conflict of these opposites. And the band is beyond power to refuse even one of them. More like guys would add some fresh ones! ... more

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